Training in Thailand

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Training in Thailand in muay thai camps with champions

Training in Thailand in muay thai camps

Training in Thailand ? pi? simple than you can imagine. Thailand? full of camps for muay thai , but we advise you to choose which one to attend before leaving.
Sar? an unforgettable experience, you will have the opportunity? to train with champions of the caliber of Buakaw Por Pramuk and Anuwat Kaewsamrit .
Below we will provide information on the camps in Thailand, but first of all you must plan the type of holiday you intend to do.
Should you stay in Thailand? aimed exclusively at muay thai training, you can choose camps far from the city center?
staying overnight directly inside the school, but if you want to combine a holiday with your training then you will have to opt for tourist areas that can offer relaxation and at the same time good camps to practice Thai boxing .

Self ? the first time you go to Thailand, we recommend that you opt for a met? holiday and met? workout .
Thailand deserves to be visited not only for muay thai : it offers beautiful beaches, an excellent sea and for the more? demanding a rather lively nightlife…
C '? to say what to visit temples, go to the beach, go out at night and train ? practically impossible so plan your holiday well in order to enjoy it to the full.

Usually the ideal trip? of at least two weeks and starts with a short stay in Bangkok to visit the city? ancient city of Ayutthaya, various temples, Royal palace and to do some shopping in the Thai markets (see Chatuchak market).
In a couple of days you will be able to visit all the most important parts? important of Bangkok.

Well, assuming a two-week vacation, you have 13 days left to train in a camp and relax on the white beaches of Thailand .
Bangkok camps are ideal for Thai training but are "out of reach" from any center or convenience? of any kind.
If this? the first holiday in Thailand we recommend you to stay in a locality? tourist in order to visit the beaches.
Many friends, on their first trip, left convinced and trained directly in the muay thai camps outside Bangkok, returning a little stressed ...

Making sacrifices for the sport certainly can? pay off in terms of results, but deprive you of enjoying the scenic beauty of a locality? that you have never visited not? the maximum .
The motto of your first trip must become this: training in Thailand without giving up on fun (the healthy one!).

If you want to train , sunbathe on the white beaches of Thailand and swim in the turquoise water go to Phuket, while if your travel? aimed exclusively at training , we advise you to go to the muay thai camps in Bangkok.

Tips for training in Bangkok 

Who will you train for? in the muay thai camps in Bangkok we strongly advise against staying overnight outside the camp, unless you are very familiar with the area. In Bangkok the distances are all multiplied by 10 due to traffic: if you have to travel 10 km? how to make 100 !!
The time it will take you to reach the various destinations during peak hours, will it seem to you? Infinity.
The vast majority of muay thai camps present in Bangkok, so? as in the rest of Thailand, they offer different solutions for sleeping: there are prices and rooms of any kind, it just depends on what you are looking for. On average, it ranges from 500 to 1500 THB per day, depending on the length of stay.
You can sleep in a room with a single bed and a fan or in a super-finished apartment with air conditioning and a kitchen.

Just ask and you will be? given, the camps are equipped to accommodate even the "farang" (tourists) pi? demanding.
It is normal that the prices for accommodation that you will find through the muay thai school will always be higher than those you could find by negotiating directly with the various owners.
Since we are talking about the first trip and time there? we advise you to rely on the teachers of the camp you will attend.
If it is 10-15 days the price differences can vary by max 50-100 euros so it is not worth stressing unnecessarily or starting to bargain losing a precious day.
Well, once you have found the accommodation, you can start training in Thailand with muay thai champions.
Don't forget to bring the right Thai boxing equipment with you : muay thai gloves and thai boxing shorts are essential.
Ask in presitito the Thai boxing attire not? appreciated not only in Thai camps, but in any Thai boxing gym .

Training in a muay thai camp in Phuket

Enjoy the beauties of a land waiting to be discovered.
Phuket? an island in Thailand where there are excellent services: schools, hospitals, international airport, hotels and beaches.
You can choose to train in a muay thai camp , go shopping, sunbathe on one of the beautiful white beaches of the coast or go on excursions you won't regret.

Muay Thai gyms are very numerous and suitable for athletes of any level.
Fights are held twice a week at Bangla Boxing Stadium.
Often even novices experience the thrill of the ring by fighting with Thais of the same level or "within reach".

Soon we will post the reviews of the various muay thai camps in Thailand !!
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