Put on the boxing wraps

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How to put boxing wraps - guide with video

How to put on the boxing wraps

In the past, Thai boxers did not use boxing wraps under their gloves as they do nowadays.
In ancient times, soldiers who practiced muay thai were very skilled in kicking, elbowing, kneeling, fighting with bare hands or with the sword, thus causing the opponent to lose balance.
With the passage of time, bare-hand combat evolved into combat with fists bound with ropes, it is thought during the Ayutthaya period where numerous paintings show the hands of Thai boxer soldiers wrapped in cotton ropes.

It is common thought that the hands were wrapped in these rudimentary boxing bands and then dipped in the glue only to cause cuts and injuries to the opponent (in addition to the glue, fragments of glass were applied). Some think it's true others think it's false.
The motivation: think of cotton ropes dipped in a sticky substance that harden ... the final consistency will be? that of sandpaper, rough enough to cut the face of opposing fighters.

This particular tradition of Thai boxing was however completely abandoned after the meeting of Nai Chia Kaekkhmer and Nai Pae Liengprasert at Lak Muang boxing stadium which led to the tragic death of one of the two fighters.

To go back to the present day, hand wrapping for a meeting ofthai boxing differs from that for international boxing. The bands mainly used are those in cotton with a length ranging from 3m50 to 5m. 

To put on the boxing wraps there are some essential points to follow.

First of all ? It is important to put yourself in a comfortable and relaxed position.
During workouts? the same thai boxer to wear them while before a match? the muay thai master wrapping his pupil's hands.
The Thai boxer must stretch his arm keeping the fingers straight in a relaxed manner, with the palms facing down.
The teacher must support the arm of his pupil in order to avoid that the latter applies any form of force or resistance, the arm must be the most? relaxed as possible.
It is important that all energy be stored for the meeting.
The boxing wraps have to be wrapped tightly around the hands, not for? too much why? could impair blood circulation.
The total bandage on the hand must reach about 7 cm in height
Many prefer to pierce the bands to insert the thumb (the new boxing bandages already provide for the insertion of this finger) and then start with the actual bandage.

It is important to remember, whether it is the master who does it or the Thai boxer , to alternate the bandage of the thumb with that on the wrist and that on the palm as many times as necessary to complete the length of the boxing bands.
To check that the boxing bandshave been wrapped in the correct way, the fighter must bring his fists closer to simulate a blow.
In this way it will be able? check if they are too tight or not tight enough.
Since? the knuckles are the most? important than the fist of a Thai boxer ? extreme care is required for their bandage. This part must in fact be wrapped with boxing wraps at least 2-3 times, always paying attention not to wrap your hands too much.

Too tight bandages, as already? said, they slow down blood circulation and can impair the movement of the wrist and therefore the power of the punches.
That's why ? it is very important to know how to put the boxing wraps correctly.
Unfortunately there is no universally recognized univocal method for hand bandaging since? any fighter? different from each other and therefore the bandages must be different accordingly. 

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