Camp Muay Thai in Thailand - attend a muay thai camp

Camp muay thai in Thailand

The Thai camp is the ideal place to learn muay thai .
From the tender age? 8 years old, Thai children are entrusted to the camps by their parents to become real Thai boxers.
To train in Thailand ? great willpower is required.
If you want to improve your Thai boxing techniques and are willing to train hard, we recommend that you try to go to a Thai camp : it will be? a unique experience that you will carry forever inside your heart.
Train with Thai champions, live in a camp and breathe the smell of muay thaithese are sensations that cannot be described.
You have to try to believe.

In Thailand there are several training camps and to choose the most? suitable for us just understand the type of stay you are going to do.
If you want to train and relax in the beautiful white beaches of Thailand at the same time, then the ideal solution? to go to Phuket or Koh Samui.
Phuket is, in our opinion, the best solution for those who want to travel in the name of relaxation by combining training in muay thai camps .
If you just want to train, you can go to one of the muay thai camps in Bangkok .
Keep in mind that it is called Bangkok campeven the one that is 2 hours from the center! Bangkok? tremendous for the traffic so, if you intend to train in Bangkok we recommend that you stay directly inside the camp itself.

Here is a direct experience:
“not even a year ago we decided to train in a muay thai camp in Bangkok (one hour from the center), the famous“ Sitsongpeenong ”and we decided to book a residence nearby.
By "vicinity" we mean 30-40 minutes by taxi ...
Outside the center of Bangkok there are no scooters or mopeds for hire (unlike in tourist resorts) so the taxi was mandatory.

In addition to the problem of time (morning> 30 minutes outward journey + 30 minutes return; afternoon ditto for a total of 2 hours of travel per day !!) and the cost (4 rides a day ...), the fateful air conditioning of the taxi could not be missing. as icing on the cake.
We leave you to imagine what it means to enter a "refrigerated" taxi as soon as training is over. Even if you ask to turn it off, those two minutes are longer. that's enough to settle down properly.

The camp was formidable, excellent level of instructors, fighters fighting at Rajadamnern stadium and champions like Kem Sitsongpeenong, better known as Khem Fairtex.
The experience would have been a hundred times better if we had stayed directly inside or in the apartments provided by the camp owners. ”
Forget all the hypothetical Bangkok hotels that you find in google maps“ close ”to the muay thai camps.
If, on the other hand, you go to islands such as Phuket or Koh Samui, then the matter changes and we advise you to choose the hotel directly from the internet.
In this case, in the islands the distances are much more? reduced and c '? always the possibility? to rent a moped to get around comfortably without the exhausting traffic of Bangkok.

Training properly in a muay thai camp

Training in Muay Thai camps in Thailand doesn't mean you have to overdo it.
Otherwise, if you tire yourself too much you will notice consequences contrary to your expectations: the physical will not succeed? to endure the workouts and you will have a noticeable drop in performance.
To "break in" the body to muay thai training you need at least a week, after which you will begin to adapt to more regimes. incurred.
During the first week we advise you to do a total deadlift day or at least if you really can't do without it, to skip the morning workout of your choice.
Absolute rest on Sunday for Thais and farangs.

Tips for training in muay thai camps without "hitches"

Based on direct experiences, we will give you some tips to train in Thailand without getting injuries or blisters already? from the early days.
Use adhesive tape (the white one used to wrap your hands before matches) to avoid blisters forming under your feet. In most muay thai camps there are rings with canvas flooring (a very rough and non-slip jeans-like material), ideal for blistering after a few hours. By putting tape around your toes you can prevent before it's too late.
Buy mineral salts. The quantity? of fluids that you will lose during training in Thailand? high motion and must necessarily be supplemented by mineral salts.

If after training you feel pain in the shins, buy the Muay Thai cream in any pharmacy:? a very powerful analgesic the instructions are in Thai, but trust me, it is used in all muay thai camps and will allow you? to get yourself new in no time.
In Thailand, supplements such as amino acids or proteins are non-existent and those few brands that exist are worth very little. We advise you to buy branched amino acids and proteins in Italy designed for training with aerobic and anaerobic components (see Ethic Sport).

Drink a Thai Red Bull before training and let us know if it works or not…
Buy the Vaseline and apply it in the shins before kicking the pao. Since you're not used to kicking pao for 5 3-minute rounds every day,? better to avoid bruises that could compromise muay thai training.

Rules to be respected in muay thai camps

Respecting the Thai tradition, muay thai camps follow some rules that you will do well to remember.

An important aspect? the greeting: a form of respect and discipline.
Many years ago, at the beginning of training, the Thai boxers stood in front of the coach in three rows divided by "grade" pi? high.
Now, only the greeting "Sawadee Krap" is pronounced with the hands folded in front of the face (above, near the forehead).
Say the greeting before performing the exercise session with your partner, when addressing the teacher and at the end of the training.
In this way you will show that you have a great sense of respect for Thai culture and for the muay thai school you are attending.
Many "farang" besides not saluting when they go to train in muay thai camps, they have the wonderful idea of ​​bringing the girls they met in the go go bars to training the previous evening.
Well if you don't want to look foolish, avoid bringing girls to the camp why? are synonymous with distraction for Thai boxers .

In a self-respecting camp you will never see girlfriends waiting for their mate, these things only exist in the West, now you are in Thailand in a muay thai camp and you have to be serious.

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