Elbow techniques - Muay Thai elbows that few people know

Elbow techniques - Muay thai elbows

The sharpness of an elbow can? be compared to the blade of a razor.
The elbows are real weapons that can cause deep cuts and can be your winning weapon during a thai boxing .
No other part of your body can? be so? effective in terms of close combat.
The elbow techniques cause some anxiety and concern to the thai boxer opponent.
Of course they are always possible according to the time and circumstances of the match in which he is.

Muay Thai elbows: mechanism and techniques

Getting started? It is necessary to practice the elbows of Thai boxing to the bag.
The point of contact will be? the pi? sharpness of your elbow.

To perform an effective elbow attack? necessary to rotate the elbow in order to make the shot more? destructive.
The effect must be that of the edge of a sharp sheet of paper leaving a deep but thin wound.
Don't hope that a single elbow will KO your opponent, but repeated hits like that. scored they will surely make you win.
The position to be able to launch an elbow attack? fundamental: the feet must be even, firmly planted on the ground, the main leg takes a step forward pointing with the toe.
Rotate the body while performing the elbow of muay thai to increase the force with which it is inflicted and hit the target with the tip of the elbow, the most? sharp and more? effective.
Pay attention to the guard : while performing this technique your face will be discovered.
Pi? your rotation will be? faster and greater will be? the damage inflicted through the elbow.

Sok Ti or elbow attack

Generally the elbow technique Sok Ti is used in the muay thai to hit the chin area , the nose and the upper area of ​​the face near the eyes.
To perform this technique? necessary to bend the elbow in order to bring the forearm closer to the bicep.
After that? rotate your shoulder in order to give the necessary force to strike.
In the event that your opponent counterattacks with a punch, block him and then attack with an elbow.
The Sok Ti technique can? be used sequentially after a close boxing attack.

If the opposing thai boxer approaches with the intention of hitting your ribs with a hook, block him immediately and hit his face, at that moment to guard uncovered, with one elbow .
This elbow thai boxing technique can? be used in conjunction with a knee: when the opponent approaches you and wants to hit you with a hook to the body, grab his arm and hit him with a knee to the stomach.
Uncover his guard and hit him with an elbow in the area of the chin or eyebrows.
These precise, well-executed movements are capable of seriously injuring your opponent.

How to neutralize the Sok Ti elbow technique

What are we going to reveal to you? one of those secrets that belong to the most? famous muay thai camp .
One of the methods to block this attack? that of injuring the opponent's hand: more? fast will he strike? with an elbow, pi? risk avr? to be injured.
When a Thai boxer keeps hitting his opponent with elbows will he become? predictable and can? be hit very easily why? uncovered guard during the execution of this elbow technique .
To counteract this attack you can also unbalance the thai boxer opponent kicking the thigh to make him lose his balance

Sok Tad or muay thai nudge

This elbow technique is done by raising 90? the arm from the armpit and bringing the hand to 30? from the elbow.
The elbow must be perfectly parallel to the floor even during execution.
What? you will need to hit will be the jaw, chin and ribs if possible.
The training for this technique must be done in the bag, one leg in front of the other firmly on the floor.
Remember to synchronize the movements well during the rotation of the body.

This elbow technique pu? be used in different ways during meetings. For example, when your opponent approaches to hit you with a left, move and crouch to hit him with an elbow in the ribs.
Pi? force put? your opponent to hit you and the greater it will be? the damage you have dealt.
In case your opponent wants to hit you with a right hook, raise your arm to block him and elbow your chin.
Whatever the other's attack is thai boxer you will have to be more? quick and agile than him, dodge them and counterattack when his guard ? still uncovered.

How to respond to the elbow of Thai boxing Sok Tad

A perfect response to this muay thai technique can be knees or front kicks.
The important thing? be reactive during the attack.

Juice Hood o lion

This muay thai elbow technique is used as a consequence of an uppercut and? much more? effective than any boxing technique .
This training must also be carried out in the bag.

The movement to be performed? essentially the one for the execution of an uppercut with the difference that you will have to let your fist pass your opponent's head and let your elbow hit him in the chin.
If during a thai boxing you want to use this elbow technique step forward and enter your opponent's area with one arm uncover the guard and with the other strike the elbow ment.
It will hardly be? possible to defend yourself at this moment.

If the Thai boxer is going to hit you with a right to the face, dodge it.
When the punch will have you? you can hit your opponent with an uppercut or even better with a Sok Hud elbow.
This elbow technique ? very versatile why? can be used as an active defense against many Thai boxing attacks .

A particular variant? when your opponent tries to hit you too with an elbow.
In this case, raise your arm to parry him, bend the knee and advance to elbow him in the chin.
If you are stuck in a clinch, move away the opponent with the arm pressing on his chest or stomach.
In the moment of removal you will have to take advantage and hit him with an elbow to the chin, a perfect Sok Hud? able to knock out the other opponent.

How to counterattack during an elbow Sok Hud

There can be done in different ways, the important thing? have the right attack rhythm.
The Thai boxer who uses this elbow technique? generally a self-aware fighter? and very capable.
If you are agile enough you can dodge this attack by tilting your torso backwards: be careful not to lose your balance, why? this movement must be done very quickly.

Sok Chieng or muay thai circular elbow

This? one of the elbow techniques that most? easily can? open a wound to the opponent. For the execution, position yourself in your normal guard and form an angle of 90? between the arm and the armpit.
Bend the elbow until the forearm has formed an angle of 45? with your arm, your hand must be level with your eyebrows.
These to be able to defend against any punches.
Pi? the movements will be fast and decisive, more? effective will be? your attack.
The opportunity to be able to use this muay thai elbow technique during a match depends a lot on the situation you are in.

Nudge Sok Chieng? a valid defense from the opponent's punches why? you can easily block them with your arm.
Another time where you can use this elbow technique ? when your opponent grabs you by the neck to hit you with a knee.
Hit him hard in the chin before he attacks you.
This technique can also hit you. be performed in combination with a knee, jab or hook.

How to defend yourself from a Sok Chieng elbow technique

Even this defense can? be implemented in a variety of ways.
For example, with the traditional thai boxing guard ? practically impossible to hit with this elbow.

Another defense? to dodge it by shifting the weight of the body to one or the other leg according to the opponent's attack.
You can also dodge it by moving the body backwards and responding with a knee: a very effective counterattack.

However, if you are nimble enough and your eye sees the situation well, you may be able to predict your opponent's moves. front kick to make him move away from you.

Sok Sat or short elbow technique

Nudge Sok Sat? closely related to the muay thai technique Sok Chieng.
In case your elbow attack fails Sok Chieng, immediately withdraw your elbow down so you can hit your opponent at a moment he really doesn't expect.
The movement of this elbow technique ? very similar to that of Sok Chieng with the difference that the movements are performed in reverse, from top to bottom.
I thai boxer using a very high guard are pi? make it easier to use this technique.
Thanks to this muay thai technique you can attack the opponent fighter whenever he manages to dodge your elbow Sok Chieng .

If, for example, your opponent moves backwards you can hit him effectively in the chest.
In the case of an attack with a kick you can block the other's leg thai boxer and hit him with an elbow, from top to bottom, on the tibia or ligaments of the knee.
Using this muay thai technique reflect willpower?" of a thai boxer since? the impact between the elbow and the tibia can be truly destructive.
This elbow technique can? also be used to parry a knee or a hook, the important thing? point to the jaw or chin.

How to dodge the Sok Sab elbow technique

This elbow technique can? be easily countered by raising the arm to block the elbow and counterattacking with a knee to the ribs or stomach.

When a Thai boxer takes confidence with this technique? able to perform it repeatedly perhaps by combining jumps to increase the power of the blow and the damage inflicted.
During the execution of this technique, the stomach remains for? discovered: ? You can then hit it with an upright and then aim for the chin, vital point of the human body .

An excellent defense remains the front kick which pushes the opponent out of your area and allows you to buy time.
In case you are too close to use this form of defense, the possibility? what are you left with? to block the elbow by raising the arm and counterattacking with a kick on the inside of the thigh at the knee to cause the opponent to lose balance, an uppercut to the ribs or chin or a middle kick.
All very methods effective that can get you back on track.

Sok Tong or "destructive elbow"

This elbow technique ? able to knock out your opponent with a single hit if well done. Training for this elbow should also be done first of all in the bag with one foot in front of the other.
During a real match of muay thai , the leg that advance must be in the opponent's area, in the center of his.
The execution of this elbow goes from top to bottom and must be done very quickly otherwise you will give your opponent time to attack you.
The blow must be decisive and sudden.
Always remember that during the execution you must keep the guard with the other arm and keep the other under control thai boxer .
There are several strategies for using this < span style = "color:# ff8000;"> elbow technique :
When the opponent wants to punch you aiming at your chest or chin, dodge it by shifting your body weight to the opposite side, raise the brac that is and elbow your opponent's arm.
If the other fighter wants to hit you with a hook, always dodge it by shifting your body weight. In this way he will lose? the balance since? the attack of him will go? empty. Now ? your moment: hit him with an elbow at shoulder height.
If he attacks you with a middle kick at stomach height, rotate your torso so that you have the necessary space to block the attack with an elbow on the tibia. The fight could be brutal but? in one of these moments you recognize a real thai boxer .

How to defend yourself from the Sok Tang nudge

There are several defense methods that can be used during a thai boxing match.
If your opponent intends to hit you with this technique, go ahead lowering yourself and blocking the blow with your arm. At the same time, you counterattack with a hook in the ribs. If your boxing technique were effective enough, such a strike could put an end to the meeting.
Another effective counterattack to consider? the upright to the chin since? the fighter elbowing Sok Tang discovers his guard.
Alternatively you could hit him with the same elbow technique : block your opponent's elbow and elbow attack on the chin. Last but not least counterattack method are kicks and knees. Both are executable according to your skills? to dodge the blows and create the necessary space for execution.

Sok Ku or "double elbow"

This elbow technique ? another method of defense in which speed is required? and agility? for the execution.
We remember the Thai boxer Sodsal Naruepai, a fighter very capable in this technique, so much so that he is nicknamed “The master of Sok Ku”.
The training of this attack must also be done in the bag.
The starting position remains that with the feet at shoulder height planted firmly on the ground, lift the elbows and strike the bag from top to bottom. be used in a variety of ways during a thai boxing match:
When your opponent tries to block you by grabbing your waist, hit him with this elbow in the back of the head or behind. If the shot was well placed, could you already? winning the match.
When the other fighter grabs you by the neck and hits you with a knee, immediately parry it with this muay thai elbow .
Last but not least? the use of the double elbow when defending against a high kick: raise both arms with your fists facing you and block the blow with your forearms.


Sok Klab or nudge back

The back elbow? considered one of the thai boxing techniques pi? adored by the Thai people: a trick taught by teacher and student and so? away over the centuries.
It is able, with a single blow, to knock out also the thai boxer pi? expert.
It is said that this elbow technique was first used in 1921 AD. during a Thai boxing match.
The use of this technique allowed Poon Sakda to win the match by knockout. and from here the evolution of this technique began.
The master of this muay thai technique remains Prommin Navarat who used it? in almost all of his encounters: a lot of speed is needed? and agility? for execution.
His successor, Phol Prapadaeng, was no exception.
Also known as the inventor of Wai Kru, this famous thai boxer won numerous matches with this amazing technique.
So far no thai boxer ? managed to equal the two previously mentioned in terms of correct execution of the back elbow.

How to use the back elbow during a Thai boxing match

A proper guard? one of the key elements for the correct execution of an elbow turn.
Also? balance and the execution of movements in the most fundamental way fluid as possible.
To execute it you have to be close to your opponent.

For example, advance with the left leg in proximity? of the same leg as the other fighter, turn your torso to the right and raise your elbow to elbow at the chin.
It is important that the weight transition from one leg to the other is performed correctly so as not to risk to lose your balance.

Other targets you could hit with this elbow technique are the jaw and chest, it all depends on the moment. where you are in order to deliver the blow.

A precise attack with this thai boxing technique that uses the back elbow can? make your opponent lose confidence.
The important thing? that the movement is performed quickly, you do not have to give the other fighter time to hit you when you are turned.
Pi? you will be close to each other thai boxer and greater will be? the impact of your attack.

The elbow technique Sok Klab pu? be used in a variety of ways during a thai boxing :
When your opponent is preparing to attack you with a kick, turn around and block the attack with the arm. In the meantime, hit him with an elbow backwards.
Another technique by Sok Klab can? be used in conjunction with low kicks. Launch attacks with your kicks with the intention of getting closer, then rotate your torso to elbow your chin.
The backward elbow can? be an excellent defense from a direct. Avoid it by rotating your torso in the opposite direction and keep your arms bent up. In this way you will find yourself in the correct position for the execution of this muay thai technique .
Correct execution of the elbow Sok Klab depends on the position of the feet , more? will be close to those of the opponent fighter and more? precise will be? the execution

How to counter an elbow back

Although this elbow technique ? very effective during meetings, as any other technique can? be avoided.
A thai boxer preparing to attack with this type of muay thai elbows ? forced to turn back.
If his execution is too slow you could parry the attack with your forearms and counterattack with a knee to the spleen.
If you don't have time to attack with a knee, take advantage of parrying the blow to distance yourself from your opponent and hit him with boxing techniques.

Whatever elbow technique you decide to use during a match, remember to train very consistently for correct execution.
Only with a lot of training can you hope to KO your opponent with the elbows that we have listed in this section.
Any advice we give you? that of never hesitating during the attack: more? sar? decisive and fast and more? sar? effective.