These General Conditions have as their object the purchase of products, carried out remotely via an electronic network, at the website of Muay Thai Combat Srl (hereinafter MTC), a company with registered office in Via Cipriano Manetti 36, 47891 Dogana, Repubblica of San Marino, COE: SM22228 and owner of the website 


The purchase of goods on the website is subject to the full acceptance by the Customer of these general conditions of sale. Therefore, before placing the order, the Customer must carefully read these general conditions of sale and, in the case of an electronic order, confirm acceptance by selecting the corresponding field and the one for accepting the unfair terms. By sending the electronic order, the Customer therefore confirms that he is aware of and unconditionally accepts these general conditions of sale. If the order is sent by e-mail or fax, the Customer is required to send these general conditions duly signed together with the order.  



The Customer can purchase the products in the MTC online catalog, which can be viewed at  by forwarding the order electronically, by e-mail or telephone. It is understood that the image accompanying a product may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics but differ in color, size, accessory products shown in the figure. MTC reserves the right to accept or not accept orders, in whole or in part. The contract is considered concluded with the acceptance of the order by MTC by e-mail. The order confirmation must be given within 48 hours of receiving the order. In the event that the order confirmation is not given within the aforementioned 48 hours, the order is considered not accepted. If the order has been sent via online form, the acceptance of order by MTC must contain a summary of the applicable general and particular conditions, information relating to the characteristics of the product and a detailed indication of the price, payment methods, withdrawal and delivery times and costs of the goods. In the event of unavailability, even temporary, of some of the items ordered, MTC will notify the Customer within 48 hours of receiving the order, also indicating the order processing times for temporarily unavailable items.


In this case, the Parties may agree:


  1. a) that the order is processed with a single delivery at the moment in which MTC will have the availability of all the items ordered; or that the order can be processed in several deliveries when for logistical reasons the goods must be shipped from different storage sites.


  1. b) that the order is processed through the delivery, within the terms set out in these general conditions, of the items available at the time of the order and through the subsequent delivery, within the deadline for processing the order indicated in the aforementioned communication, of the items temporarily not available; in this case, the shipping costs for the delivery of the items not immediately available shall be borne by MTC; or


  1. c) that MTC delivers the ordered items available and issues, for the value of the items ordered temporarily unavailable, a purchase voucher or a refund in favor of the Customer.


  1. d) It is possible that some promotions published on the site are not applied to products already on offer and above all that any discounts attributed through special coupons or personal codes may not be combined with current promotions.



The contract stipulated between MTC and the Customer must be considered concluded with the receipt, by the Customer, of the order confirmation, containing the complete indication of the price, including shipping costs, the means of payment and delivery times and contextual payment receipt.


Any liability borne by MTC, for any reason whatsoever, contractual or extra-contractual, for direct or indirect damages to persons and / or things, deriving from the non-acceptance, even partial, of an order is expressly excluded.