Human body vital points - Thai boxing human body vital points

Vital points of the human body

There are several vital points in the human body which, when struck with accuracy and force, are very vulnerable. All Thai boxers must be aware of these points and must learn to protect them in the interest of their own defense.
Since? most people do not know the exact location of these vital points of the human body below are listed all the areas of greatest interest that a Thai boxer must know in order to emerge victorious from a muay thai match (the numbers correspond to the photos ).

Higher vital points of the human body

1. Nasal spine : This term refers to the area between the eyebrows up to eye level. This point ? really very important why? if hit can? affect the attacking movements of the fighter. The nasal spine can? being hit with an elbow , a straight, or a jab. Even if hit with some Thai boxing gloves ? subject to breakage. If capable,? It is also possible to hit him with a knee .

2. Above the ears :? ' It was just a nudge at this point by the famous muay thai fighter Phromin Nawarat that knocked out Plian Kingphetch.
When are you going to hit the opposing fighter at this point, the hook? the thai boxing technique that comes out more? effect.

3. Jaw : understood on both sides of the muay thai fighter's face. The jaw? one of the vital points of the body pi? risky that really knocked out many fighters, both Thai and foreign, Heavyweight champion Muhammed Al?, also called Cassius Clay, lost a fight with Ken Norton precisely because of a punch on the jaw. Try to think of the effect of such a punch without the use of mouthguards or gloves!!! Other similar cases in Thai boxing occurred, for example, on April 28, 1951 when the muay thai fighter Prayudh was knocked out by a left at this critical point by Somdech; on 4 September 1953 at Rajadamnern Stadium when Thai boxing fighter Khunsueknoi knocked out Bankhawlaem with a right to the jaw. The ways pi? effective to hit the opponent in this delicate point are the high kick , the elbows and the uppercut, always launched when the opponent has a low guard.

4. Midline : This point, just above the upper lip area,? the first area that a Thai boxing or muay thai fighter tries to hit.
Like all points close to the nose, this too? very vulnerable why? center of nerve endings which, if hit, can trigger the closure of the nasal septum and the weakening of the fighter.

5. The chin : Elbows in this vital point of the body have been the cause of numerous KOs of very famous Thai boxing fighters in Thailand.
Surachai Luksurin struck? his opponent Kaarawek Saw Petchnoi right on the chin and knocked him out; Prayuth Saw Udomsak was beaten with a left to the chin in the second round by Somdech Yontrakich.
The chin can? being hit with a jumped knee or elbow as Phudphaadnoi Worawuth did against Huatrai Sitthi-Boonlert.

6. Adam's apple : in addition to being a vulnerable point that can? KO an opponent, the Adam's apple has another fundamental characteristic known to Thai boxers.
The body, however, has developed a kind of mechanical mechanism to protect this vulnerable part of the body: the chin automatically lowers to protect it.
In this case, an upright in the chin will come out? the same effect as hitting the Adam's apple.

7. The collarbone : this? a bone easily subject to fractures during Thai boxing matches and which therefore a muay thai fighter must protect. On January 23, 1978, Kumanthong Lukprabaat broke the shoulder of his opponent Chatraphetch Kiatkawkeo.

8. The armpit : a high kick placed right at the armpit can? cause a shoulder sprain.

Central vital points

9. Solar plexus : understood as the abdominal region between the navel and the stomach.
Even if this? a point for which a single shot does not? Sufficient to KO the opponent, continued boxing techniques in this area can result in a substantial weakening of the opponent.
Nikhom Khlongphajon, nicknamed the “black kangaroo of Mahasarakhan, defeated his opponent with three knee-jumps at this vital point of the body during a match at Rajadamnern Stadium.

10. Ribs : The ribs on both sides of the human body are very fragile and easy to fracture bones.
If you hit hard enough with a kick , knee or clinch, they can cause a lot of pain to the opponent.
With the constant repetition of these Thai boxing techniques ? can cause these bones to fracture.
Even if you hit these spots with Thai boxing gloves ? fracture is likely.

11. The abdominals : another extremely vulnerable area which, if hit with sufficient force, can be the cause of destructive effects for the Thai boxing fighter who suffers the blow.

13. The wrists : These vital points of the human body can be at risk both when hitting the opponent and when blocking his blows.
In the event that a punch is thrown in the wrong way (for this reason the use of boxing bands is recommended ) or that you receive a kick right on the wrist, the natural consequence? the dislocation of the same.

Vital points lower limbs of the human body

12. Groin area : a blow in this area can? immediately debilitate the opponent. Pi? 80 years ago the Thai boxers fought without the use of protective shells with the consequence of numerous KOs due to kicks inflicted in these areas.
It was the great Thai boxing master Muangdee who introduced the use of the metal shell during the matches held in Singapore. Thanks to the introduction of this protection, the groin area was protected from kicks and knees .

14. The shins : can you? affirm with certainty that the tibia are the most? strong and resistant of our body, but at the same time very vulnerable.
The middle part of the tibia (as shown in the photo)? a vital point of the human body that is very fragile and easily fractured.
A powerful kick at this point can? to break it as happened to the famous Thai boxing fighter Inseelek Sitkriangkrai. In Thailand, the famous Thai boxing shin guards are used in sparring training .

15. Instep : if the instep is seriously injured, the Thai boxer can? be affected in his movements. In the case of injuries, fomsa muay cream or Thai oil is often used for Thai boxing massage .

Vital points back

16. At the base of the cerebellum : one of the most vital points of the human body ? dangerous and vulnerable.
An attack in this area of ​​the body can? immediately send the Thai boxing fighter who receives it unconscious.
The neck area should also be taken into consideration: continuous attacks in this area can alter the nervous system with the consequent confusion of reflexes.

17. Back at shoulder blades : very vulnerable why? center of numerous nerve endings.

18. Kidneys : a kidney attack can? be very painful and cause serious physical damage. Hit with some good Thai boxing gloves and you will notice the difference.

19. The cocyx : repeated kicks at this vital point of the human body or continuous attacks at the base of the spine can knock out any muay thai fighter .

20. Back of the Knee : Here is another vital point in the body that can? cause the loss of a thai boxing match.
This happened to Kraisamut Chanthoraphit who collapsed? in the third round after repeated attacks in this area.

21. Calf : continuous blows to the calf cause cramps, an unfavorable condition that can cause cramps. lead to defeat.

22. Achilles Heel : The effects of damage to this area are well known to all.

In addition to the areas listed above, there are numerous other vital points of the human body .
A Thai boxer must be aware of the distribution of these vital points , how to hit them and how to protect them.
This ? one of the skills? essential for those who want to become a true Thai boxer.