Thai boxing diet - Thai boxer diet to lose weight

Thai boxing diet

Becoming a Thai boxer, whether professional or as a hobby, means having certain requirements and a certain predisposition to fight in the ring .
During Thai boxing matches there are only three people in the ring and nowhere to hide. One of the key elements for a successful muay thai match is your body weight.
Everyone will be able to confirm how the weight issue and the diet of a Thai boxer are very stressful factors for the fighter and for the teacher who trains him. Since this topic touches all Thai boxing fighters, below are proposed methods of approaching weight control through a Thai boxing diet .

1. Thai boxing massage: Muscle massage is a form of exercise albeit a passive one. The muscles are in fact stimulated through pressure and movements throughout the body and the massage can help to develop muscles that are not normally used. It also stimulates blood circulation in the tissues and improves the lymphatic system with the direct consequence of a better elimination of toxins from the body. The massage is also very useful for dissolving the adiposity of the body as well as being a panacea for the nervous system. In addition to all these benefits, it also strengthens the bones and makes the body more flexible.
In conclusion, the Thai massageit is therefore considered one of the effective methods for weight reduction that every Thai boxer has to consider and match to their diet ..

2. Sweating: maximized with the Thai Boxing exercises quickly performed. When a Thai boxer performs these exercises with the aim of increasing his sweating he must wear a shirt in order to increase the temperature of his body. The shirt, in addition to increasing sweating, will absorb excess fluids and keep the body temperature at a constant level. To increase his sweating, a muay thai fighter must not exaggerate by pushing too hard with thai boxing training., this could cause physical damage with consequences on one's athletic performance. forced way. During these Thai boxing exercises it is very useful to wear the Twins weight control suit , thanks to which you will be able to increase sweating more.

3. Decrease the fluids introduced into your body as soon as you finish training: it goes without saying that as soon as a muay thai training session is over , the fighter rushes to drink some water.
The Thai boxing diet advises against drinking too much. If the weight loss through sweating is immediately replenished by double the amount of water needed by the body, the weight lost disappears.
Avoid too many liquid mineral supplements, they generally contain a lot of sugar.
It is absolutely forbidden to drink cold water immediately after Thai boxing training , before it is necessary to lower the body temperature and stabilize the organism.

4. Calorie control during meals: the Thai boxing diet before muay thai matches must be planned by qualified personnel.
Certain types of foods and fats must be totally avoided before the match. If the Thai boxer feels tired due to the decrease in calories ingested, he must consume fresh meat, milk, fruit and vegetables.
The Thai boxing diet to follow for the weight control of a muay thai fighter is as follows:
Breakfast : 2 or 3 eggs, a slice of grilled meat the size of a hand, fresh vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes, 2-3 slices of bread and a cup of hot or cold milk at will.
Lunch: Fruit for example, minimum 2 up to a maximum of 4 and a slice of bread. Lunch must be light. A Thai boxer must get used to eating at least 3 hours before the training session.
Dinner : avoid very heavy foods in large quantities and eliminate sugar.
When a Thai boxing fighter loses weight before a match he must pay attention to how his body reacts to this decrease in calories and he must not lose more than 1 kg per week.

5. Dehydration: in this context it is understood as the elimination of fluids before a Thai boxing match , generally 24 hours before.
Eliminating excess fluids and waste improves physical strength and the efficiency of the nervous system.

When you intend to lose weight for a meeting, you must keep in mind that each person has their own physical build and therefore you shouldn't overdo it.
Remember that weight loss must be followed by qualified personnel and should not be improvised by yourself, your teacher will be able to advise you on the Thai boxing diet that you will need to follow.