Leone1947 Water Heavy Punching Bags

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  • Filled Weight: 45kg
  • Ideal for boxing
  • Water padding absorb the impacts, helping to reduce hand and wrist injuries
  • Sold empty, it can be easily carried

Inside the packaging: AT819, water bag, D-bolt with screw, Rope to hang the bag, Reducer nozzle for garden hose. HOW TO FILL THE WATERBAG: Attach the D-bolt to the plastic eyelet on the top of the bag and lock it with the screw. Wrap the rope in the EMPTY punching bag around a support strong enough to support the entire weight. To better adjust the height: the upper part of the bag must be at the same level as the head. Open the cap in the upper part of the punching bag: remove both the black cap and the transparent cap with the help of your hands and pressing. Mount the nozzle to the water hose and then insert it into the bag hole to fill the bag. Add a few drops of chlorine bleach to prevent water decay. Once filled, close the cap tightly.