YOKKAO Complete Muay Thai Boxing Ring

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The YOKKAO Boxing Ring comes as a complete masterpiece, which includes:

  • Iron Thai boxing ring frame (disassembled), made up of a squared ring frame with 4 corners (2 white, 1 blue and 1 red)
  • Flooring made up by wooden planks
  • Floor covering in EVA
  • 4 lines of ropes measuring 30 mm inclusive of cover ropes with zip
  • 16 turnbuckles for ropes with covers
  • 4 corner pads (2 white, 1 red and 1 blue)
  • 8 rope dividers
  • 1 canvas floor with logo customization
  • Ring skirts with FREE customization
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Yokkao Thai Boxing ring stage can be elevated at 45cm or 90cm from the floor.
Sizes are measured based on external frame. Different size configurations are available upon request.

IMPORTANT: Shipping expenses are not included in the price and will be charged separately. All Muay Thai rings are made to order by skilled craftsmen, therefore the production time will take 3 to 4 weeks.