Ingram Gym Bangkok

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Ingram Gym Bangkok - muay thai camp review in Bangkok 

Ingram Gym Bangkok

Not far from the center of Bangkok, in Thong Lor, is a small muay thai camp run by a Japanese ex-fighter named Hideki Suzuki.
Although not well known to the so-called "farang", or foreigners, this camp has given the possibility? a Buakaw Por Pramuk to participate in K-1 in 2004, before his rise to fame.
There are 5 professional fighters at the camp per day and 3 coaches with the occasional visit from Nak Muay.

Three of the fighters who attending the camp are former title holders Rajadamnern (Issei, Daosaming and Ali Ingram) and one of the Thai boxers, Sagtpetch ,? Champion of Lumpinee, Rajadamnern and Mitsubishi tournaments - doubles as a coach.
The atmosphere? professional and serious as the camp is small.
The camp is not? luxurious but? tidy, hygienic and well maintained (although this will certainly not be a priority for the Thai fighters who reach him by train to train ..).
In the morning you will not wake up to find the pip? of the cats in the muay thai gloves that you have just purchased (how many times have this happened to me ...) and c ’? a free laundry service that you can? use whenever you need it.
The camp rooms are a bit bare with the bare minimum: a single bed and a wardrobe for clothes.

The dining room as well as the TV room are shared, a great saving for those who don't have much funds to train.
Alla Ingram Gym span > laziness? very little tolerated.
Hideki follows an extremely disciplined schedule and expects every fighter to train and work hard.

There are a lot of rules in this muay thai camp (some obvious, some implied) and what about you? required to behave accordingly.
An example may? be the strict curfew of 22:00, when the main gates are closed and locked.
Breakfast is served on time at 10:30 and dinner at 18:30 (you must arrive on time).
If you miss one of these meals, you are asked to inform one of the coaches or Issei.

The Ingram Gym training starts with a long hour of running each morning through Sukhumvit Road and then moves on to the daily pao hitters and ai training thai boxing bags .
In the morning and in the afternoon there are 5 mandatory rounds of 5 minutes with your coach (pao hitters).

Anything? what is done? kept under control: from warm-up to voids, to abdominals and stretching at the end of the session.
When doing bags not? unusual to be approached by a fighter or a coach for advice.
When you feel abandoned by the forces and can not take it anymore? to train the muay thai camp Ingram Gym does not allow you to have fun, how can? happen in other camps (like going to the beach or going for a ride).
Not here? possible.

This is why you force yourself to persevere in training even when it becomes unbearable: only in this way will you return home realized and improved in muay thai techniques .
I recommend training in this camp that does not offer distractions and? frequented by serious fighters.
3647/3 Rama 4? Road
Bangkok 10110 THAILAND
Tel: +66 (0) 2 204 1970-1
Cell: +66 (0) 81 804 5201
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