Thai boxing kicks

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Thai boxing and muay thai kicks - improve thai boxing kicks

Thai boxing kicks - Muay thai kicks

Gi? millennia of years ago men learned to use their pi? natural means of locomotion, the feet and therefore the legs, as a lethal weapon of attack and defense.
The Thai people, not very tall n? very robust, he learned? perfectly to use this weapon to protect themselves and to fight.
As for kicks, Tae in Thai, there are several different methods and techniques for each region of Thailand.
Let's start by listing the three main ones kicking techniques used in the muay thai antica.

Low kick and front kicks

Low kick and front kicks soccer technique base: ? the kick that hits the inside or outside of the opponent's legs (Tae Pa Mak). Training for this kick must be done in front of the bag, standing upright while one leg kicks the bottom of the bag.
When the leg is raised to kick with this technique, the torso must tilt slightly backwards in order to load the kick by transferring the force to the foot
There will be two contact areas: the inner part of the tibia and the foot. It is therefore necessary to train both feet by strengthening the neck in order not to compromise the power of kicks.
The target area of this technique? the inguinal one.

Middle kicks or circular kicks

This soccer technique ? very similar to the basic one with the difference that the speed? with which it runs allows the thai boxer
The areas to be hit are on the torso, from the chest to the lower abdominals.

High kick

This soccer technique ? the result of two passes that allow the body to rise from the ground to deliver a high kick in the opponent's face area.
For example, if you want to kick with your right leg, push with your left foot to lift yourself off the ground. When you are suspended in midair, deliver a high kick with your right leg (your foot should point to the opponent's chin).
In order to correctly and effectively perform this kicking technique, the thai boxer he must be remarkably prepared and confident, agile enough, fast and ready at the right time.
In the event that your kick fails, you risk falling to the ground.
This kick? better known as the flying kick, the spectacular Kao Loi.

After introducing the kicking techniques basis of thai boxe we will list the various types of modern kicking techniques in use today.
The pecking kick or Nep? one of the most? known muay thai kicks and? very similar to the front kick.

The only difference ? that the tip of the foot is used for the execution of this technique.
This kick is used to block the opponent's progress during a match thai boxe.
Is it a widely used defense method when yes? tired or want to take time.
To avoid it? just move to one side to miss the trajectory of the kick or block it with your arm.
If you are able to block it at the right moment, you will make your opponent lose his balance and you can hit him with a kick at the height of the knee to make it fall.
Circular football or Tae Chieng? football that can? be considered the basis of tkicking technique for thai boxing.

To maximize its impact, the kick must be performed by calculating an angle of 45? from the floor.
To perform this technique correctly the thai boxer must kick with the sole of the foot, the body must be slightly inclined downwards, in the position opposite to that of the kick.
Before hitting the opponent, turn your foot slightly.
The impression will have to? be to have a hook instead of the foot that fits perfectly behind the opponent's neck with the aim of hitting his chin.
A classic example of this technique of football is remembered during the famous match between Ma see Mok (translated "the runaway horse") Prayut Udomsak, unbeaten champion, and Kampang MuangChine (translated "the great wall") Tawal Wongteves.
During this match Prayut sferr? a perfect diagonal kick aimed at Tawal's ear area.
As soon as hit, the Thai boxer lost consciousness and Prayut won by KO
The correct execution of this soccer technique leads to certain victory.

The kick inward, near the knee ligament, or Tae Pub Nai? another Thai boxing technique feared by many fighters.
This kick can? be performed only during close combat and, if launched correctly,? able to cause the opponent to lose his balance? easily vulnerable to your attacks.
This soccer technique can? be performed using the Ta Ham Tap position or when the opponent's hands are blocked.
The secret to a correct execution? that of arching the foot against the opponent's inner thigh.

The chorake fad huang, or "crocodile flapping its tail",? a rather complicated soccer technique but much appreciated by the Thai people why? speed is needed? and agility? in order to run correctly.

This muay thai kick can? be used on several occasions:
- As a defense technique. When your kick misses the target it may miss unless you are able to hit it with your heel in the face or ear area. To counter this kind of football? You need to move to avoid his range and kick him in the back to make him lose his balance.
- As an attack technique.
If you are going to do this thai boxing kick remember to use the leg you usually use, the longer one. used and trained.
If you want to strike with the right leg, the opposite leg must be perfectly perpendicular to the floor.
What? making you lean towards your opponent so as to hit him in the face, or even better in the chin.
Pi? you will be close to the opponent's thai boxer and more? your football will be? powerful.
To defend against this muay thai kick ? necessary to raise the right arm to block the incoming kick and counterattack with a knee or elbow.
To be able to do this? for? you will need to have a very watchful eye able to correctly predict and block your opponent's moves.

Use of kicking techniques during a Thai boxing match

To attack with a powerful and decisive kick? it is essential to be very fast and precise.
The football more? effective that I can? happen to run? the football jumped since? all the force, during the execution, is transmitted to the straight leg that must kick.
The violent impact with this Thai boxing kick render? your inert opponent.
Kick missed? the muay thai kick that produces the greatest effect during an attack.

To be able to kick the back of the neck of the thai boxer ? necessary to discover his guard forcing him to protect other parts of his body .
The moment of discovery guard? an invitation to hit the back of the opponent's neck.

A boxing technique very useful? that of waiting for the attack of the other thai boxer in order to study their movements.
For example, if your opponent attacks you with a punch, you can hit him in the ribs which at that moment will be discovered by the guard, perhaps with a kick.

Ci? that you are going to hit with these kicking techniques depend? everything from the time and circumstances in which you will find yourself.
When a thai boxer kicks it becomes vulnerable on the chest, hitting it in that area could even lead to a KO
The strength of the kick and the trajectory will always depend on when you are in order to strike.

How to defend and counterattack against Thai boxing kicking techniques

Some thai boxer prefer the high kick to hit the back of the neck.
Do you want to do it while avoiding the opponent's kick? move from his trajectory, approach and hit him in the ligament of the knee in order to make him discover the guard , finally hitting the back of the head with a high kick.

Some people prefer to hit the body with a low kick or a middle kick.
The technique remains the same: avoiding the trajectory of the opponent attack and hit him in the uncovered points.

To counterattack a thai boxer very capable in muay thai kick techniques ? it is essential to have a good boxing technique .
Save the kick of the opponent by rotating your torso and using your arm to block the attack, after which? hit the face of the other t you have boxers with a straight.
Will the strength of the punch increase? noticeably if you increase the rotation of your body.
A well executed direct? able to knock out even the pi? thai boxer expert.

If your opponent tries to kick you in the chest, immediately parry him by lifting the opposite leg and bringing it closer to you. How will it hit? your tibia but no vital point of your body .
After impact, take advantage of your opponent's loss of balance.

It is also possible to block a kick with the arm but keep in mind that a well executed kick? able to break anything!

If your opponent intends to end the match with a kick to the back of the head, you will have to be more? quick of him and get out of his way.
Just remember never to lower the guard

Some thai boxer prefer to hit at the ribs.
To avoid these kicks, simply step back and hit the opponent's leg which is stationary on the ground.

Thai boxing kicking techniques

So far we have seen that there are three levels of kicks: basic or low kick, middle kick or high kick. The targets of these kicking techniques are usually vital points of the human body

Low kick: the favorite targets are the inside and outside of the shins, including the knee ligaments.
Middle kick: this muay thai kick technique aims to slow down the opponent's advance. The favorite targets are the chest, back and ribs.
High kick: this kick technique is also intended to block your opponent and? precisely for this reason, a high kick must be explosive and impactful. The targets to hit are the nape of the neck, the area near the ears and the jaw.

Complexity? of execution of the various muay thai kicks

The thai boxing ? a martial art that requires intelligence, experience, patience and speed? in making decisions.
Here are some tips that can help a thai boxer to fully learn the true art of muay thai .

A thai boxer very capable in boxing will attack? preferably with that.
To defend yourself, just avoid his trajectory and hit him in the ribs as he lowers his guard to launch his attack.
To make the kick pi? strong enough? do it with a jump.

Some thai boxer prefer knees.
To defend against these attacks, it will be enough? rotate your body to avoid them and then counterattack with a straight or low kick depending on the circumstances.

Listen to the advice given to you in the corners.
Too much self-confidence could be your worst enemy.

To conclude this section dedicated to kicking techniques for thai boxing here are some tips learned and handed down over the years.

To block a kick is enough? raise the leg to block it with the shin.
Against a high kick? You can defend yourself by lifting the gloves to face level. This will assure you? the least impact but pay attention to the area of ​​the ribs which in this way will remain? discovery.
Tilt your body? a good way to avoid the trajectory of your opponent's kicks.
When you are launching an attack with a kick, pay attention why? you may be hit the same way.
Don't hesitate when kicking. If you do, the power will come? halved.
Launch attacks with a high kick will render vi? unstable if not done correctly. You could easily lose your balance.
In some cases, defending yourself with boxing, elbows or knees could make your situation worse. In these moments? better dodge the blows and wait for the right moment to attack.
The correct execution of a Thai boxing kick ? the result of an excellent thought combined with a speed? of decision. Will defending yourself with boxing make you? vulnerable since? your opponent can? hit you in the vital points of the body not protected by guard . A well-placed football? capable of cracking ribs: pay close attention.
As soon as you have launched an attack with a kick, return to the starting position. Don't allow your opponent to hit you.

The kicking techniques in Thai boxing must be performed meticulously and with extreme care in execution.
Not? It's easy to train with a lot or with your teacher and find the strength to win a match using kicking techniques .
Your victory will depend? exclusively from your physical strength, your speed? and your willpower ?.
Learning the thai boxing not? difficult but not easy.
Remember that.

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